D.O.B.: 02.04.2018, imported from Mexico.

Spirit of the Braves Ianny x Monflo’s Ipanema (click for pedigree)

Monflo’s Rudra

​Rudra is a pig-headed bitch with good prey drive and a love for biting (her favourite game is tug). She is high-level threshold in terms of sharpness. She is biddable with great problem-solving capabilities and has a good nose and excellent food drive. She is environmentally sound and secure in all contexts, including crowded public transport, loud scenarios (fireworks or construction work) and around children.

She is used as my demo dog in pet care workshops and thrives on having a job to do (due to the pandemic and my own health issues, we just started sport training in 2023). However, she does not like strange dogs and is not safe around small animals.


  • Height: 65cm
  • Weight: 29kg
  • Heart: NORMAL (Echo Doppler June 2023)
  • Thyroid: NORMAL (Oct 2020)
  • Diversity tested with VGL by UC Davis and listed in the database: OI 0.23, AGR -0.12, IR -0.02 with heterozygous haplotypes.


  • Echo Doppler NORMAL: 2019, 2020, 2023
  • injury: broken tail (Aug 2018)
  • injury: sprung toe, left front paw (Mar 2019)
  • kennel cough & pneumonia (Nov 2023)

  • Hips: HD-B (Germany)
  • Eyes: PHTVL/PHPV grade 1 (unilateral, left eye)
  • vWD: affected
  • Chromosome 5: wild type
  • DCM1: homozygous (2 copies)
  • DCM2: homozygous (2 copies)
  • DCM3: homozygous (2 copies)
  • DCM4: homozygous (2 copies)
  • Colour: Bb (can produce brown pups)
  • Dilution: DD (does not carry the gene for dilution)
  • DINGS (vestibular disease): clear
  • Narcolepsy: clear
  • Albinism: clear

Show Results


  • CACIB Sofia 14.02.2020 (Jochen Eberhardt, DE) – VG. 1

Friendly bitch with nice deep chest, feminine head with parallel planes, medium reach of neck, good top line, good enough bone. Ring training would not hurt.

  • CACIB Sofia 16.02.2020 (Antoan Hlebarov, BG) – Ex. 2

Feminine head, I would prefer a broader jaw, bite is correct, underline could be cleaner, correct angulation and good movement.


  • CACIB Poznan 05.11.2022 (Marinos Kyriacou, CY) – VG. 2

Good size, muzzle too pointy, good neck, straight top line, correct angulation in both front and rear, moves well.

  • CACIB Szczecin 25.06.2023 (Bogusław Chmiel, PL) – VG. 2
  • CACIB Gorzow Wlkp. 16.07.2023 (Zaur Agebeyli, AZ) – G

​Correct type, fine-boned with a bit of imbalance of substance. Very good rib cage, narrow under developed forechest, very feminine head. Should have much clearer underline, well-angulated rear, very narrow and thin thigh, low set tail, very light but clear markings.

  • Golden Dobermann, Slovakia 31.08.2023 (Guenther Ehrenreich, DE) – VG

Old style of Dobermann, lacks substance and modern breed type, markings too light.

  • Dobermann Club Show Klanovíce, Czech Republic 21.10.2023 (Thomas Becht, DE) – VG

Nice chest, nice dark eyes, very good top line slope, underline medium, angulation very good, light tan markings. Open and free character.

  • CACIB Poznan 04.11.2023 (Katerina Cechova, DK ) – G

Not enough substance, fine boned and too elegant, markings too light.

  • CACIB Poznan 05.11.2023 (Péter Harsány, HU) – VG. 2

5 y.o. female, not too big, very compact. Typical head, well set ears, the chest is not strong enough and the back is a bit too short. Very short loin, correct hindquarters. Good temperament. Movement does not have optimal balance – the dog must be presented better.

  • Group 2, 5 & 9 National Gryfino O/Szczecin 15.06.2024 (Paweł Osak, PL) – VG. 2
  • CACIB Szczecin 16.06.2024 (Leszek Salamon, PL) – Ex. 3