Black Athirat is a FCI registered kennel and represents my Dobermann longevity project. I started this project at the end of 2012 by collecting information on long-lived lines and studies pertaining to health and longevity in dogs. My research evolved into a social media discussion group, and finally into what it is now: a breeding program.

My aim is not to create the ultimate show or working dog, but to breed a versatile dog, combining sound temperament and versatility with an athletic exterior. When I have bred 4 consecutive generations of Dobermanns with an average lifespan of 12 years, I will have accomplished what I set out to do.


  1. I own bitches from less common lines, which I have researched and confirmed to have a good average lifespan and sound temperament.
  2. I try to also use stud dogs from less common lines. The majority of litters trace back just a handful of sires, which means that the gene pool is greatly reduced with each successive generation. By using a wider selection of sires, we can preserve more genetic material for the future.
  3. The sire should come from lines with reasonably good average lifespan. Having a “Bred For Longevity” certificate would be ideal, but the list of dogs that meet this criteria is very short. As a compromise I look for dogs which have a majority of relatives that have to at least 9 years within the last 3 generations.
  4. The dog should exhibit sound temperament and structure, and in the best case scenario also have proven working ability through titles or equivalent.
  5. The dog should have at minimum, the following health exams:
    – hips
    – heart (echocardiogram)
    – eyes
    – von Willebrand status
  6. I may decide to have the stud dog tested for diversity (UC Davis VGL) if there are multiple to choose from. But in any case, I will test the promising puppies.