D.O.B.: 27.01.2014 – whelped in Bulgaria.

Bred for Longevity certified (BFL-1)

8 puppies (5 black males, 2 brown males, 1 black female)

Gino Gomez del Citone – 9 years
Zasko Zoran del Citone – 10 years
ZTP SG1A, Graz Winner 2006, IPO 1Giada di Villa Conte – 7.8 years, pyometra
DJ dei Nobili Nati – 10.5 years, liver disease
ZTP V1A, ENCI 2, CH Italy, JrCH Hungary, Campione Sociale AIAD 2012Quillam Qasim del Citone – 10 years
Reika dei Nobili Nati – 9.5 years, liver disease
A New Black Dream dei Nobili Nati – 9 years, DCM
Tango de Black Shadow – 11 years
Xabat de Black Shadow – 10 years
CH Mexico, TTXuxa de Black Shadow
Megan (Diaz) – 12 years (alive)
Balkan Champion, GrCH Bulgaria, CH Cyprus, CH MoldovaOozi Brown The New Road – 8.5 years
Danna (Dominguez) – 9.5 years
Lea (Dominguez) – 9.5 years

NameSexDate of DeathNotes
American Sweeney Todd
M(BULGARIA) Jr Ch. Bulgaria, Jr. BOB. Longevity Certified: LC-5915M14-10L
Anarchic Mr Baby “Korax”M02.07.2022(UNITED STATES) 2x Res. CACM, 2x Res. BOB – shown in Mexico. Health issues before death. No final diagnosis: fever, persistent bacterial infection, enlarged prostate, organ damage.
Angry Inch
F06.09.2023(NORWAY) Known to have whelped one litter in 2021 of 7 puppies (accidental breeding, the sire was a bandog mix). Autopsy cause of death: closed pyometra.
Apocalyptic Repo Man
M2014(BULGARIA) Euthanized due to aggression.
Arrogant Goblin King
M(MEXICO) Known to have sired one litter with four puppies in 2016.
Artful Dodger
M26.02.2018(ENGLAND) Chemically castrated at 10 months old due to same-sex aggression. Euthanized, supposedly due to diarrhea and appetite issues linked to a vitamin B12 deficiency. The owner later claimed that the dog had cancer but has refused to share documentation of any diagnostic test results.
Astral Frank N Furter
M01.06.2014(BULGARIA) Euthanized, congenital defect of the endocrine system.
Audrey II
M04.02.2024(BULGARIA) Autopsy cause of death: leukemia. Longevity Certified: LC-5913M14-10D
Treu makes an appearance in this Bulgarian rap music video.